The Subtle Art of Knowing When Not To Give A Fuck

Before starting a book like this, one thinks that it will change your life. Or, it will bring some kind of comfort or validation. This book does both and nothing at the same time. First of all, most of the times, watching a movie, series or reading a book is about the state of mind you are in, or at least the way you feel about it is influenced by the state of mind. For me, I was a clean slate when I started reading this. One of the few things which strikes the cord is that the book doesn’t talk about ways to excel or succeed and takes away the pressure of wanting to become extraordinary. At the same time, it subtly communicates the difference between ordinary and extraordinary and how it ends up being a perception. It scores well in relatability as the author supports his views with the incidents of his personal life. The book barely gets preachy and always gives you a choice to give or not to give a fuck about what it’s saying because it doesn’t create a chasm between right and wrong. However, it does have its deja vu moments which are quickly followed by a fresh perspective. The most striking and hard-hitting words in the book are said in the last chapter, and unlike the rest of the book, the last few pages make your stomach flip and make you want to read the book all over again. Especially after knowing the end.

So like me, if you are also stuck in the perpetual phase of not knowing when to stop giving a fuck, pick it up as your next good read.


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