Finding Peace in basics – A weekend visit to Gokarna

Why do we click pictures and save them? What does looking at old pictures do to us?

Looking at an old picture does nothing but take us back to that very moment when that picture was captured. It enables us to relive that moment which is now clouded with hundreds of other moments, emotions, complaints, desires… All that a picture from the past does is, bring you one step closer to who you really are and makes you relaise how easy it is to find freedom and happiness in one simple moment.

A recent short visit to the pilgrimage town of Karnataka – Gokarna, gave me the same cushy feeling.

Walking from one beach to another through the roads often taken, hiking through hills which were tirelessly trying to support some idiotic feet with slippery slippers, spending hours splashing with the waves of the sea, watching the classic sundown and lying on the sand singing old melodies with friends under a twinkling canopy of stars…was how a day looked like. Basic, calm and happy.

Mahabaleshwar Temple Gokarna

Kudle Beach

Paradise Beach


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