Dear Mom, Aap meri favorite ho !

Dedicated to the woman without whom I wouldn’t be. 


Hey you wonder woman
who stands there smart and tall
If you would not have been what you have been
would I be at all?

Have I ever told you that even though I am a big girl now
I still remember the comforting sound of your lullaby
And the sweet smell of your cheeks when you would cup my little face and kiss me?

I know I never told you
that I wake up to seeing a hundred pieces of art on Instagram today
but nothing feels as exciting as waking up to that huge chart with sparkly birds on my side
Knowing that now I am going to be the best in my class

Remember me conveniently diving into exam anxiety?
When I sat in the kitchen with the book in my hand
And filled your ears with my notes and rants
The way I rushed home from school to bore you with my tales
And hugged you tight to celebrate the tiny victories

My first period !
A house teeming with people
But I sat with folded limbs and sweaty palms
waiting to see you walk in the door
I remember you saying ‘You could have shared it with anybody!’
And I just looked at your face and said nothing.

But then I grew up
sadly so
I remember when I bought a new phone
and you accidentally locked it?
How I behaved like an entitled teen
While all you were was calm and keen

I’ve seen you laugh till tears
Cry in quiet
Jump like a child
Dress like a princess
Scold like a bear
All cute with an adorable sneer

Now I have grown up further
And there is so much more to say
So much that your heart keeps inside
But you still look at me the same way

Out of all those things which are still unsaid
I wanna say just one thing more
Thank you Mom…for never letting me forget my worth
While sometimes, you might forget yours.

P.S. I love you.
You will always be the woman of my life ❤


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