And then it poured.

Night was dark
Lights were mum
The wild winds
Had left their shores

Soft chitter chatter
Breezy pitter patter
They roared & flew
Like nothing was new

And then it poured.
They whispered a moan
Murmuring through the water
They looked for their home

Lost & livid
They knew not where to go
Rushing and gushing
They came knocking on the door
No one answered
As the night grew darker
They rattled the windows
With a howl so fierce
As they watched everything they caressed
Flee away with fear

They wanted to run inside
Yell, hide, screech and cry
And not watch everything
Briskly fly by

And then it poured.
Breaking the tree
One leaf at a blow
And how that tiny rainbow umbrella
Flew from the hand
Of the little boy struggling
To walk on the hailing snow.

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    1. paletteoflife says:

      Thank you 🙂 ❤

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