6 Reasons to watch #Padman

With this, my movie weekend comes to an end ! Here is a quick review so that I don’t get too busy or lazy to put it up. 

6. Innocence

The movie is shot in a village scene obviously where 97% people are shown to be excessively conservative and the rest 3% slightly open headed. We all know they exist but it’s very cute to watch them at their innocent best.

5. Invention

Out of the 1000 things that I am not, sci-fi fan is one of them. Not that this movie shows any of it, but the way of showing the process of Problem Identification Will to change it Research Idea Try & Fail Success, is brilliant and interesting enough to be liked by every kind of person watching it.

4. The ‘Hush Hush’ Subject

Yeah. Menses, Sanitary Pads, Period. The subject is dealt with a right mix of reluctance, sensitivity, open mind & details. It might actually be educational for a whole lot of people !

3. Humor

Without having any obvious funny dialogues or haha moments, the movie continues to amuse as much as it amazes.

2. Direction & Script

R. Balki has always had a mature, patient & binding way of writing and he goes ahead and does it again.

1. Star Cast

Radhika Apte, Sonam Kapoor & Akshay Kumar along with a strong supporting cast make the movie smooth like wine but well, it’s mostly Padman all along.

P.S. In a weird sorta metaphor where both the women are shown sitting & crying in the car seat while letting him go (at different times), is one of the little details taken care of in the film that are impressive, and well, it’s a movie to be watched & discussed with family.


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