#MyNewYearGoals 2018 – Pick one or more if you like !

You know how on some nights you sleep like a baby and you are completely oblivious to what’s happening outside because all you can care about is your own little happy world ? And then there are nights when you can’t stop thinking about the miseries in the world, what will happen if you wake up in the morning and hear something horrific ? When was the last time you offered selfless happiness to a loved one ? One question leads to another and in no time you find yourself awake like an owl caught up in your own existent & non-existent cobweb of disasters. Conclusion – A sleepless night.

The year 2017 has veritably been a somewhat delectable but lethal cocktail of both, and let’s not fool ourselves into believing that this year is going to be different, but there are some little goals we can set for ourselves to make this year differently better without waiting for miracles 😉

8. Be kind, but don’t take bullshit.

Kindness doesn’t have to mean just charity work or bringing goodies for your co-workers every day, it is as general as it gets. Just get down from your high horse, listen more, talk less and most importantly – slash your condescending behaviour to half and see how much better you’d feel about yourself already.

7. Make Small Talk.

I know a lot of you out there aren’t a fan of small talk, but it’s mostly the small talks with strangers like a cab driver on your way to work or a person standing behind you at the ATM queue that takes you away from self-absorption and gives you some perspective. For instance, I recently visited Ranthambore & happened to have a long talk with our safari guide ‘Anil Ji’ who told me some stories about attacks in a jungle with an intensity in his eyes that might not be felt while watching a wildlife documentary.  Also, how do you know when a small talk converts into a real conversation and may be much more ?

6. Read the paper.

Well this is a note to self more than a suggested goal. Because like they say – Digital makes you wonder, but Print makes you think.

5. Wish people on calls.

Well yes WhatsApp has made a lot of our lives easier and better with fast chats, quick exchange of pictures, easier connectivity for business purposes & now stories, DPs & all that jazz. The only thing it has taken away is that sweet charm of waiting to see a name flash on the phone screen and someone screaming in your ears ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. Leave alone the excitement of saying these two magical words, we people now tend to wrap it up in 3 alphabets – HBD. Try taking out that 1 minute at least for those who matter.

4. Save.

The very mention of this word would make me crack up some time back as I never thought I was capable of it. Guess what ? Everything shatters the moment you realise that in a market with severe job crunch (especially post demonetisation), you can’t derive pleasure out of anything unless you make smart financial choices and have a good amount of money saved in your account. Saving doesn’t mean robbing oneself off the little joys & impulsive purchases/expenses in life, it means maximising them at the minimum cost.

3. Write more.

No you don’t have to go out there and start writing a best selling book, because that might take time. Start small. Write in one line how the day was, a diary entry if a line seems insufficient, an Instagram/FB caption if you want to stay in touch with yourself and a blog if you want to open your mind to the world, or let’s be honest, to the audience who actually cares ;), you’d be surprised to see that a lot of it actually does.

2. Judge Less, Understand More.

This doesn’t need an elaborate explanation. Let’s begin the year by spotting the silver lining that the past few years have been kind enough to let you express what you want to say & interpret, though you might have gone terribly wrong at times. This year, let’s give it back and understand that people are different and rather than trying to fix everyone, you could try to get them a little more, and judge them a little less.

1. Watch. Travel. Read. Write. Listen.

The 5 keywords sum it up for the 2018 goals for those seeking some sort of freedom & inner calling this year.

Happy dealing with the first Sunday Blues of 2018 🙂


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