Humans of Pushkar

Nature, river streams, meadows, one feels the need to fall back on them like running to a lover’s arms after a long hard day. But stop walking, pause and ask yourself, do you always need nature to feel calm and peaceful inside ? Sometimes, while walking on a crowded street full of strangers and weirdos, one unexpected smile comes your way and it simply makes your day. It could be the broken tooth child on the block or an old man loyally going through his daily chores. No city, place or even a heaven of nature’s bliss is alive without the humans breathing and filling oxygen in it.

On that note, let us pick the latest huge festival – Pushkar Fair and have a look at the different faces and moods of humans in every nook and corner of the sacred town Pushkar.

Humans of Pushkar

Clad in the holy spirit of Gerua
My head stays on my shoulders
I walk and walk for miles & miles
Protecting what I have now, only to let it go.

“Papa, could you please buy those Malpue faster? Class teacher daantegi”

A smoking parable under the moonlit night.

I have a roof on my head
Ground under my feet
My father’s fingers are interlocking mine
What’s there to worry ?

Ek cup chai ki keemat tum kya jaano.

“Hi I am Alicia. I shifted to India sometime back and fell in love with Pushkar. I make these badges myself with witty and lovely captions but my favorite one says ‘ Now I pay Taxes’, because I do. “


‘Hello pretty lady, May I have a picture with you?’
She nodded.

From a millionaire to a regular, the only real food to slake an Indian heart – Roti. 

Dal, Baati and her smile for meetha 😀

I remember you and will soon post this picture to your house at Ajmer 🙂



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