Restaurant Review : Handi Vaishali Jaipur – The Unconquered King of Rajasthani, Tandoori & Non-Vegetarian Food

A time when there is a new cafe popping up and distracting us with their newfangled vibes and delish food every single day, there are some places which have stood in the race of time like rock pillars, totally unperturbed by changing times, holding their ground with evergreen cuisines, taste and quality.

One such example of a place that entered the food industry 35 years back and carved a niche for itself in Rajasthani & Mughlai cuisine that still stands unparalleled in its flavour & exclusivity is Handi Restaurant. Having begun in 1982 on a busy road of Jaipur, Handi has slowly but beautifully carved a niche for itself as far as Tandoori & Non- Vegetarian food is concerned but the highlight of Handi is its new restaurant which has recently opened in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur !! Handi Vaishali brings to the table a concoction of local & continental food and this new (yet experienced) kid on the block was reviewed in one of the yummiest food trails of Rajasthan – Jeeman by Jaipur Beat – the leading digital magazine of Jaipur.

After a delicious Season 1, Jeeman launched its Season 2 with Episode 1 talking about Handi Vaishali with a fresh take and a new anchor and host for the show 🙂

Watch the episode to finally see the secrets of Handi unveil and listen to the story from the horse’s mouth and I know you will want to plan a visit to Handi right after finishing this video 😀


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