Aaram Baagh Pushkar – A Luxurious Weekend Stay In Rajasthan

Vacation & Wanderlust are the new go-to-formulae when one has to unwind and refresh, but is it possible to go for long vacations every now & then and forget about the world ? Not really. But don’t worry, there is an alternative formula for this too – Weekend Getaways 😉 So this time when the bug of wanderlust bit me, we turned to the holy town of Pushkar (holy bearing a different meaning in all minds). Also, what Goa is to India, Pushkar is to Rajasthan. No it doesn’t have beaches or top class night clubs, but it does have an addictive vibe that consumes you in its holy grace 🙂 Now the question is, where to sleep when one isn’t looking for a budget hotel but a fairly affordable yet luxurious property ? We zeroed it on Aaram Baagh.

Aaram – meaning relaxation and Baagh meaning garden in English, fuse together to become a niche exemple of a luxurious green escapade at the holy town of Pushkar when you are looking for a serene weekend getaway.

Owned by the erstwhile royal family of Pachar, Aaram Baagh’s concept is inspired by the erstwhile Maharajas & Maharanis’ resting formula midst the outskirts of the town, but surprisingly, they did not get even a tad bit lazy or cliche while making this one, and you will know that instantly when you find a narrow long street leading to a long passage surrounded by greens on both sides before the hotel reception can come to sight.

As mentioned on their website, the 63 room hotel cum palace is based on an extremely interesting theme of ancient civilisation but it’s only upon the visit that you see that they haven’t flaunted the beauty & queerness enough. The accommodation is divided into 16 Arabian royal suites, 12 Persian royal suites, 12 Egyptian royal suites,12 Greek royal suites and 8 Tribal villas based on rural theme. With each civilisation having a separate parking area and architecture, it’s bewildering to see the kind of research that must have gone into imagining and recreating a culture that existed around 1000 & more years ago and unfortunately came to an end !! Before you even choose your civilization and step inside your room, you could easily spend a couple of hours knowing a lot about them, thanks to the huge narrative placards placed inside each zone & beside all sculptures giving a peek-a-boo in the history of ancient civilizations with interesting twists compelling you to transport to a world that you have all come from.

Greek Court

Persian Court – The most green and beautiful indeed.

China – Under construction 

Tribal Themed Villas

Our pick was the Egyptian royal suite cum villa that opened to a big double bedroom with a separate kitchen, huge bathroom and the best part – A private pool in the open area 😀 The private pool with a shower on top is an experience in the daytime, but at night, when lights are dim, sky is a royal blue and moon is the only light, this place turns into a private ‘aaram’ chamber where you can sit inside the pool with a book and a glass of wine by your side and sink into the night.

4 Statues of Abu-Simbel – Wearing a double crown of Upper & Lower Egypt
Pyramids & the ancient rulers

Egyptian Royal Suite – Bathroom & Open Bath 

The evenings at Aaram Baagh are far far away from being silent or gloomy as the garden cheers up with giggles of holidayers & laughs of little children relishing High-tea done a bit differently at Aaram Baagh. The high-tea is actually a ‘Chopati’ where you bond over golgappe, chuski, pav bhaji, tikki, and relish the sight of the mighty sun hiding behind Aravalli hills with a brewing cup of tea in hand 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tring Tring ! It’s time for  Aaram Baagh Express to get in action ! A mini-train stands beside the Chopati area and you can just sit inside it and chill or ask the guy to take you for a joy ride (only when the train is full) 🙂 Anyway, strolling in the garden isn’t limited to just humans at Aaram Baagh but also other creatures like the Ostrich who seems to be loving it here 🙂

Aaram Baagh’s refusal to serving food in rooms is a blessing in disguise as you have no choice but to step out of your room both in the morning and at night and eat at their subtly yet royally designed high-roof restaurant.

Also, the long walk between the rooms and restaurant is the one you need to feel a direct connection with nature and hills, and when they serve you with a complementary plate of Pushkar Malpue at the end of the meal, you know you have come to the right place.

Along with a rush of history and dish of royalty, Aaram Baagh adds a dash of excitement, adventure & pleasure through its varied indoor & outdoor activities. Spa, Swimming pool & Indoor games are a respite for the ones whose idea of a getaway is luxury & respite and for adventure suckers – there are ATS rides & DJ nights to bring out the wild side and celebrate it unabashedly !!

If you are looking for a one in all kind of unique & luxurious experience and that too in a limited budget, Aaram Baagh is one of the best experiences you can have while exploring the town of Pushkar.

Some Interesting Sights at Aaram Baagh –

Vintage Feel


A woman walking in the garden of Aaram Baagh


Humara Bajaj.


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