Ethos Watches – Jaipur Sees A New Luxury Of Time

Ethos – A brand who is here for 14 years in India now, which means it started back in 2003 when India officially allowed watches to be imported, has become the largest luxury watch retailer in India with all leading brands under its umbrella !! Ethos has seen success as swiftly as people shifting from golden and silver watches to the all new palette of pink, blue, green & purple and as the word ‘ethos’ means in Greek, its character has only undergone a classic shine and alluded to a the definitions of modern luxury.

The good news is that after having 12 stores in different cities of India, Ethos has now opened in Jaipur at World Trade Park to fuse together the spirit of luxury with culture of pink city 🙂

Picture Courtesy –

After browsing through their spectacular collection, my favourite from the store was the Fossil Women’s Watch – Fossil Jacqueline. Well when the name is so beautiful, the watch has to live up to it.

Picture Courtesy – Google

The midnight blue strap & dial with golden analog makes this watch a dream luxury to own for a formal dinner or date night and the best part being that this will go with everything and anything !!

So don’t waste time and get yourself a new watch till the next weekend arrives !


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